Funded Projects

Research projects funded by government and non-government agencies:

Name of the research  project Name of funding agency Name of Principal Investigator
Development of a novel non invasive method for therapeutic drug monitoring in epilepsy Science and Engineering Research Board, DST Prof. Dr. Mrs Bijaya Ghosh
Design,fabrication and evaluiation of nanovesicular formulations Rameshwardasji Birla Smarak Kosh Dr Tapan Kumar Giri
Research project for conducting preclinical ex-vivo and in-vitro studies for efficacy and safety of prototype products Emami Limited Mr.Supriya Mana
Ocular toxicity study of eye drop Emami Limited Dr. Sandipan Dasgupta
Mr.Supriya Mana
Mr. Nilanjan Sarkar
Conductivity test for supplied sample ointments Emami Limited Mr.Supriya Mana
Deciphering the molecular mechanism of ruthenium-oxicam anti-P-glycoprotein loaded nanoparticles on multidrug resistance colitis associated inflammatory tumor microenvironment and colon cancer progression Science and Engineering Research Board, DST Dr. Souvik Roy

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