Pharmacy Faculty

Faculty LIST 2018 - 19

Sl. No. Name Qualification Area of Specialization Designation
1 Prof. (Dr.) Subhasis Maity PhD Pharmaceutics Professor
2 Prof. (Dr.) Bijaya Ghosh PhD Pharmaceutics Professor
3 Prof. (Dr.) Tapas Kumar Pal PhD Pharmaceutics Professor
4 Prof. Debasis Dutta M. Pharm Pharmaceutics Professor
5 Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Pramanik PhD Pharm. Chem. Professor
6 Dr. Sutapa Biswas Majee PhD Pharmaceutics Assoc. Prof.
7 Dr. Souvik Roy PhD Pharmacology Assoc. Prof.
8 Dr. Sekhar Kumar Bose PhD Microbiology Assoc. Prof.
9 Dr. Gopa Roy Biswas PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
10 Dr. Tapan Kumar Giri PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
11 Dr. Musfiqua Mookerjee PhD Microbiology Assoc. Prof.
12 Mr. Swarupananda Mukherjee M.  Pharm Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
13 Mr. Supriya Mana M. Pharm Pharmacology Asst. Prof.
14 Mr. Nilanjan Sarkar M. Pharm Pharmacology Asst. Prof.
15 Dr. Sibram Paria PhD Biochemistry Asst. Prof.
16 Dr. Sandipan Dasgupta PhD Pharmacology Asst. Prof.
17 Dr. Samit Bera PhD Pharmacology Asst. Prof.
18 Mr. Dhrubajyoti Sarkar M. Pharm Pharmacognosy Asst. Prof.
19 Dr. Dhanabal Kumarasamy PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
20 Dr. Satarupa Acharjee PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
21 Dr. Angshuman Lahiri PhD Biochemistry Asst. Prof.
22 Dr. Miltu Kumar Ghosh PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
23 Dr. Pritesh Debvuti PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
24 Dr. Falguni Patra PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
25 Dr. Sankhadip Bose PhD Pharmacognosy Asst. Prof.
26 Mr. Somsubhra Ghosh M. Pharm Pharm. Analysis Asst. Prof.
27 Prof. (Dr.) Chandra Kanti Chakraborti PhD Pharmacology Professor
28 Dr. Arijit Mondal PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
29 Mr. Avijit Ghosh M. Pharm Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
30 Dr. Tapan Kumar Shaw PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
31 Ms. Tushi Chakravarty M. Pharm Pharm. Engg. Asst. Prof.
32 Dr. Ms. Suchandra Sen PhD Pharmacology Assoc. Prof.
33 Dr. Ms. Ritu Khanra PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
34 Dr. Ms. Amrita Chakraborty PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
35 Dr. Paramita Paul Dua PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
36 Mr. Ashutosh Kar M.Sc. Math. & Stat. Asst. Prof.
37 Mr. Saibal Chatterjee M.A. English Comunication Asst. Prof.
38 Mr. Atri Sanyal M.Sc. Computer Asst. Prof.
39 Dr. Swapan Das PhD Computer Asst. Prof.
40 Dr. Pravanshu Sekhar Das D. Sc. Math Professor
41 Dr. Soujanya Pudi PhD Humanities Professor
42 Dr. Subhasis Mondal PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
43 Dr. Bhabani Shankar Satapathy PhD Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof.
44 Prof. (Dr.) Sajal Roychoudhury PhD Pharm. Chem. Professor
45 Prof. (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Barman PhD Pharmacology Professor
46 Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee PhD Pharm. Chem. Asst. Prof.
47 Mr. Kaushik Biswas M. Pharm Pharmacology Asst. Prof.

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